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What to do with a Teen on Vacation

When I meet parents with teenagers I am always hearing the following:
“Teenagers are impossible!”
“What can I do that’s fun and safe with my kids while on vacation?”
“How can my teen be bored when there is so much beauty all around?”

Let’s face it, teenagers are easily bored. So here’s my advice: Get that kid on a Segway! Freedom! Adventure! Segways!

I’m not claiming to be an expert on child psychology. All I can do is speak from experience. If you’re interested in breaking down the barriers that separate your teenager from his or her surroundings, get them on a Segway. It’s a safe way to peel away the layers of boredom that surround a teen.

I recommend the Haunted Segway Tour or the Fireworks Tour.  Both are at night, a challenging time to schedule safe activities for kids, and both are a blast.

The Haunted tour glides through the well-lit Grant Park area where you can see the city’s Noir mystique. The architecture warps into a more adventurous glow as we roll into the city. The haunted stories are fun and never overly informational.

The Fireworks tour is lovely for all the same reasons, but there are fireworks! The city lights glow bright on the left. The Fireworks blast off ahead, and below, the water sparkles reflections of the colorful cinders. Romantic explosions with smooth Segway gliding are two opposing kings who compliment each other putting everyone just out of their comfort zone and open for fun!

No matter which tour you choose to take with Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours, you’re going to have a good time. It’s going to be an adventure with memories that  will last for years to come and become a highlight of your vacation.

Double the Fun with the Taste of Chicago and a Segway Tour

Yes! The rumors are true: You can have your cake and eat it too! Literally. What better time to explore the sights, smells, and tastes that this beautiful city has to offer, than during the Taste of Chicago? Not only can you consume more types of food than you ever thought possible, but you can also fuel up while discovering what makes Chicago one of the most wonderful cities in the world. After you’ve devoured your turkey leg and marveled in the glory of ice cream, sausages, and Chicago-style pizza, segue into the tourist aspect of the city. Here in Chicago, however, walking just won’t cut it. Sure, the city is set on a grid, so navigation shouldn’t be much of an issue. Why walk, though, when you can Segway! There’s nothing better than wheeling around the city on a piece of machinery made just for locals and tourists (and mall cops of course). Trust me. The best part? You don’t have to travel far. After spending your morning on Columbus Drive scarfing down plates upon plates of food, simply exit the gates on Monroe. You are now standing at the doorstep of Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours.

Perhaps you’ve seen them. They’re the tours with the gliders grinning from ear to ear donning the latest line of brilliant orange helmets. They’re the tours with the gliders raving about how much fun they had and how wonderful the guides are. Segways, especially by Absolutely Chicago, are a must-do in the city. Now that you’ve eaten to your heart’s content and glided in style around this dazzling city, you can officially said you’ve conquered the city. And that is something worth celebrating. What better way to celebrate than with an Absolutely Chicago Segway tour?

Second City? We are Second to None!

Second City.  Windy City.  Chi-Town.  There are plenty of nicknames for Chicago, and plenty of reasons why Chicago is second to none!  We have our own style of yummy pizza (deep dish was created at the original Pizzeria Uno in 1943) and our own kind of hot dogs (yes – Chicago style). We have our own brand of softball (we use a 16” softball which is softer and larger than the norm, and the game is played without gloves.)

Chicago is also the home to a lot of “firsts,” like the first skyscraper built for the Home Insurance Building constructed in 1885 and the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893. The first World’s Fair Chicago hosted also introduced a ton of new inventions like the zipper (originally called the “Clasp Locker”) and Quaker Oats.  Pabst earned their Blue Ribbon at the World’s Columbian Exposition and George Ferris unveiled his Wheel.

1930 was also a big year for Chicago with the creation of Twinkies, the first planetarium in thsegway tour at shedde Western Hemisphere (Adler Planetarium) and the first inland saltwater aquarium, Shedd Aquarium. With the development and release of Reddi-Wip by a Chicago dairy in 1948, whipped cream consumption increased dramatically nationwide.

Chicago is home to several inventions of convenience like the first vacuum, patented as a “sweeping machine” in 1869, as well as the first electric dishwasher and the first remote control introduced to the public in 1950.

1953 saw the birth of Playboy, Hugh Hefner’s “gentleman’s” magazine, which he published in his Hyde Park apartment (with a little help from his mom!)

As you can see, Chicago has a lot to be proud of!  If you want to learn more, reserve a spot on one of our Segway tours!  Our Lakefront/Museum Campus tour gives a comprehensive “what’s what” of Chicago’s front yard, Grant Park, while our Lincoln Park/Beach tour takes you through the most affluent neighborhoods in the city.  Discover all that the city that is Second to None has to offer with Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours!

Absolutely the BEST Guides Gliding

Chicago – my kind of town. “The Second City” is full of culture – visual art, theatre, music and dance. Chicago is home to various music festivals like the Chicago Blues Fest, the Grant Park Music Festival and Lollapalooza. There are also numerous street festivals which showcase local musicians and artists, as well as restaurants, most notably the Taste of Chicago. So, to those looking for some entertainment – look no further! Not only will the city of Chicago charm and captivate you, so will our guides at Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours. All of our guides are full of charisma, energy and hardcore talent.
We at Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours are genuine supporters of the arts and all of our guides have at least one area of expertise. Anthony juggles. Autumn sings. Danny tells jokes. Paul plays the guitar. The list goes on!! Our guides have performed in the Broadway tours of Peter Pan and The Book of Mormon as well as with the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre in countless productions. Brittany is an amazing visual artist and Samantha even sings opera! Not only will guests enjoy an absolutely amazing tour, taking in the incredible sights of Chicago, but they will learn a great deal from a friendly and gifted guide. We pride ourselves on our customer service, safety and friendliness and we guarantee you will not walk away disappointed. Please join us and enjoy a glide with one of our terrific guides!

Summer in Chicago!

Summer in Chicago… what a glorious time! The sun is shining, there’s a beautiful breeze off of Lake Michigan and the Segways are gliding smoothly. Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours offers a variety of fun, leisurely rides including the Lakefront/Museum Campus tour which explains the “What’s What” of Chicago’s front yard, Grant Park. We also have a spooky and mysterious Haunted Tour which highlights the creepiest and most gruesome sights Chicago has to offer. Interested in the Jazz Age and the most feared men of Chicago like Al Capone and Sam Giancana? Our Gangster Tour offers the inside scoop to where the infamous Capone planned his hits as well as some of the sights where the biggest mobsters committed their crimes. For those looking for a lighter and more playful adventure, our Fireworks Tour offers a pleasant glide down to the Museum Campus to view the fireworks off the end of Navy Pier. The perfect romantic evening?? I think yes! And for those who would like to add even more to their cultural palate, we offer an Art and Architecture Tour. Our guides tell stories of the architects who made Chicago’s skyline famous as well as explain the various sculptures and art installations, like Cloud Gate and Agora, on which we Chicagoans pride ourselves.
For those interested more in the “Who’s Who” of Chicago, our Lincoln Park/Beach Tour is a fabulous time! We ride north beyond Navy Pier through the Gold Coast, admiring the old mansions of famous Chicagoans in this affluent neighborhood. We then reach Lincoln Park and the Lincoln Park Zoo – one of the few FREE zoos in the U.S. But, if you are short on time and are just DYING to know how much fun riding a Segway really is, then join us for a One-Hour Adventure where our knowledgeable (and patient) guides teach our guests how to ride, then enjoy the pleasure and ease of a Segway. No matter what kind of excursion you are looking for, Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours has it covered! We can accommodate large groups and private tours and you can either book online with us at Chicagosegways.com or give us a call at 312-552-5100. We hope to see you soon!