Valentines Day Weekend

Lovebirds! Soar through the snowless streets with glee.

The winter months drag on so somberly,

But sultry joy will prop your will to play,

Four feet, four wheels, two hearts on two Segways.

A tour, a glance, a glide, a concrete skate,

The cold cant catch the warmth of your two fates.

For on this winter night in spades you’ll find,

The burning flame of Segway Valentine.





Does anything bother you Santa?


That’s what I asked Santa today. His short answer was “No, I’m pure joy.” I thought that was pretty concise, but I prodded a bit more.

I asked Santa if he found anything annoying. His brow creased as he searched his heart. He really struggled to find an answer to satisfy my question. Santa was stumped.

Perhaps the ‘spirit of Christmas personified’ doesn’t get annoyed, but we at Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours sure do. We’re annoyed by waiting lines. Grocery store lines and roller coaster lines drive us crazy!  That’s why we’ve designed this amazing Santa Experience so that you can avoid the things that annoy you. We can’t always be perfect like Santa.

Sounds of the Season

Our good pals at Olivet Nazarene University are putting together a traditional Christmas concert on Friday. Seasonal tunes will be performed by both the staff and students of their wonderful musical department. Our buddy Santa will be there, and I hear a Segway may even make an appearance.


If you’d like to check it out, the show will start at 7pm on Friday, December 9th and 2pm on Saturday, December 10th at the Olivet Centennial Chapel in Bourbonnais, Illinois. Check out their website for more details, and if you can’t make it out to the Olivet Campus, it will be live streamed!

This is the kind of local event we really enjoy at Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours. They really help usher in the spirit of this season. Our Holiday Lights Segway Tour captures these kind of genuine Christmas events. It will also be running every night this weekend at 6pm.

Santa Wonders


What does Santa dream about? What’s he thinking? Where does that sparkle in his eye come from?

Well, we see him every day. Why don’t you come down and ask him? He’s here at Absolutely Chicago Segway by special request at 12:15pm and 3:15pm every day!

Santa Has Landed!


Santa has made is yearly trip to Chicago to our little shop under Maggie Daley Park. He has made special arrangements to meet with very special boys and girls for an hour and a half of singing, storytelling, and pure joy. Check out our website if you want to book an amazing once in a lifetime meeting with the big guy.

Santa will be hangin’  in the Segway home until Christmas Eve when he… you know… is busy!

Muscatine Journal

Thanks to our friends in Muscatine, IA for posting this beautiful photo of a Segway in the sunset.skyline-blog-picture

This is one of the many amazing views of Chicago that are available on our tours. The Muscatine Journal posted this, and one of our friends found it. We think it’s gorgeous. What do you think?

The Bad Plus is Headlining Jazz Fest

What better theme to Segway too? Think of one. I dare you.


The Bad Plus are headlining the Chicago Jazz Festival this year. They wont be doing time-warping covers like We Are the Champions and Karma Police, but they will be performing Ornette Coleman’s masterpiece album, Science Fiction, with guest artists Tim Berne, Ron Miles & Sam Newsome.

They go on at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion at 8:30pm on Saturday, September 3. We’ll be running Segway tours all weekend, Jazz Segway Tours!