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If you’re in town for the IH + HS 2017, you must download the show’s useful app. It has all the information you are going to need about the exhibitors and events.

It’s really helpful.

Wanna know when famed New Orleans Chef Emeril Lagasse is going to make an appearance? Just check the Event + Exhibits section or search for his name. Want plan your route through the exhibit? Just click the star next to your most desired booths on the Exhibitors section, and it will save you time searching them out. Want to know where the heck McCormick Place is and how the heck you can get in and out of there? Just check the transportation section for the free buses and the many other cheap options you have to make it to and from your hotel.

It’s pretty.

You would hope that a show with a focus on form and function would make their app useful and pretty. Well, they did. There aren’t a billion bells and whistles. It just gives you the information you need in an easily digestible package.

It’s small.

It takes up like 20 MG which is less than the ten thousand baby photos you took over Christmas. You can download it here.

It’ll get you 10% off on a Segway Tour.

If you show us this app or any proof that you are at the International Home + Housewares Show this weekend, Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours will give you 10% off on your tour. Check out Choose Chicago for more things to do while you are in town, and enjoy your time in the windy city.




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