Pokemon Go! - Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours

Set your eggs in your incubators and stretch out your thumbs because we’re gonna be tossing Pokemon balls in Grant Park!

Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours has been bit by the Poke bug and like the teeth of a Raticate, we’ve sunk in deep. Soon we will be offering a Pokemon Go specific tour to feed our craving for that catching, evolving, stopping, battling game sensation. The Segway is the perfect tool for an Ash Katchem inspired adventure. They go just slow enough to incubate an egg easily on a two hour tour, but fast enough to hit over 20 Pokestops and 5 Gyms along the beautiful Chicago Lakefront.

Looking to evolve your Poliwag, Shellder, Staryu, or other Water Pokemon? The lakefront is ripe with water-based creatures. I’ve even caught a couple rares like a Dratini.

The Chicago Lakefront is a lush, bio-diverse heaven for the two biggest sensations in the windy city: Segways and Pokemon!

Come catch them all!

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