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Second City.  Windy City.  Chi-Town.  There are plenty of nicknames for Chicago, and plenty of reasons why Chicago is second to none!  We have our own style of yummy pizza (deep dish was created at the original Pizzeria Uno in 1943) and our own kind of hot dogs (yes – Chicago style). We have our own brand of softball (we use a 16” softball which is softer and larger than the norm, and the game is played without gloves.)

Chicago is also the home to a lot of “firsts,” like the first skyscraper built for the Home Insurance Building constructed in 1885 and the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893. The first World’s Fair Chicago hosted also introduced a ton of new inventions like the zipper (originally called the “Clasp Locker”) and Quaker Oats.  Pabst earned their Blue Ribbon at the World’s Columbian Exposition and George Ferris unveiled his Wheel.

1930 was also a big year for Chicago with the creation of Twinkies, the first planetarium in thsegway tour at shedde Western Hemisphere (Adler Planetarium) and the first inland saltwater aquarium, Shedd Aquarium. With the development and release of Reddi-Wip by a Chicago dairy in 1948, whipped cream consumption increased dramatically nationwide.

Chicago is home to several inventions of convenience like the first vacuum, patented as a “sweeping machine” in 1869, as well as the first electric dishwasher and the first remote control introduced to the public in 1950.

1953 saw the birth of Playboy, Hugh Hefner’s “gentleman’s” magazine, which he published in his Hyde Park apartment (with a little help from his mom!)

As you can see, Chicago has a lot to be proud of!  If you want to learn more, reserve a spot on one of our Segway tours!  Our Lakefront/Museum Campus tour gives a comprehensive “what’s what” of Chicago’s front yard, Grant Park, while our Lincoln Park/Beach tour takes you through the most affluent neighborhoods in the city.  Discover all that the city that is Second to None has to offer with Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours!

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