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In the US, we celebrate holidays a little bigger than other countries. For Halloween, we eat candy; for Christmas, we eat cookies; for Easter, we eat candy. We eat a lot of sugar! More importantly, we don’t sweat the details. Nobody spends time looking up the reasoning behind the color green on St. Patrick’s Day. We dye rivers first and ask questions later!

St. Valentine, the patron saint of courtly love, may or may not have given his life to marry four couples around 270 BCE. Claudius II may or may not have beheaded the Bishop for this reason in the 3rd century, but one thing is for certain, the great martyr would have loved to see you on a Segway with the one you love. It’s an expression of true devotion.

Whether you want to honor a Catholic Saint or spite a tyrannical Caesar, at least celebrate the one you love. Segways are perfect for this. They’re quiet because of their efficient electric motor, they’re sleek like a well-fitting tuxedo, and heck, I’ll say it, they’re sexy! Chalky hearts and stuffed bears are passing fancies. Memories can last 1800 years!

Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours is open through Presidents Day weekend honoring courtly love on Sunday and George Washington on Monday!

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