Chicago native, Merrick Garland, is nominated to the US Supreme Court - Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours

President Obama just nominated the Skokie, IL-born D.C. Circuit Judge Merrick Garland to the highest position in the judicial branch of the US Government. If confirmed, the acclaimed judge will give Chicago representation in all three co-equal branches of US Government. He would join President Obama who famously paid homage to the Windy City by giving his 2008 acceptance speech in Grant Park and among others, Puerto Rican-American congressman Luis Gutierrez—one of the United States most prominent Latino lawmakers.

The grandson of Jewish immigrants who escaped persecution and antisemitism to find a better life in America, Garland is like many Chicagoans. The city of big shoulders was built by immigrants from around the world and Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours features many on our tours especially the River Parks and Architecture Tour that begins again in May. From the city’s founder, Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, to German expat, Mies Van Der Rohe, obviously, a city established in 1837 will have many contributors from outside the U.S., and even more obviously, we love to show them off!

Garland follows Justice John Paul Stevens, whose family built the Conrad Hilton Hotel featured on our Lakefront/Museum Campus tour, as the most recent nominee for the Supreme Court from Chicago. So come join us at Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours as we celebrate our city’s contribution to American democracy.

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