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Death and Destruction! Chaos and Carnage!

Warped by the disasters that shaped its form, Chicago is one of the most haunted cities in America. Its moniker, the Second City, is because it’s built on the bones of its old body. The 1871 fire left nothing but a scorched carcass, and the while the bell on top of City Hall rang out to warn the citizens about the unstoppable force of flame moving north, it also sang a different kind of sinister tune—one of ghosts, ghouls, and hellish fiends! Unearthed on that fateful day, these phantoms tormented Chicago for the next 150 years. From the most murderous building fire to the worst maritime disaster in US history, we’ve seen the gravest of catastrophes. With one great cataclysm after another, it’s amazing that our city has survived and thrived.

Enter the Segway—a machine designed by Dean Kamen who made a living creating medical devices. We admit it’s a weird union: Haunted/Segway Tour. All I can say is, it works. It’s a clean efficient machine that is the best chariot through the dirty history of Chicago’s storied past. We glide comfortably through the beautifully landscaped modern day loop while imagining it’s spooky past.

And this is the best time to go! While we do this tour every Thursday night, in the Halloween season we run the haunted experience Wednesday through Sunday at 6:15pm and 9pm. Join us if you dare.

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