What to do with a Teen on Vacation - Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours

When I meet parents with teenagers I am always hearing the following:
“Teenagers are impossible!”
“What can I do that’s fun and safe with my kids while on vacation?”
“How can my teen be bored when there is so much beauty all around?”

Let’s face it, teenagers are easily bored. So here’s my advice: Get that kid on a Segway! Freedom! Adventure! Segways!

I’m not claiming to be an expert on child psychology. All I can do is speak from experience. If you’re interested in breaking down the barriers that separate your teenager from his or her surroundings, get them on a Segway. It’s a safe way to peel away the layers of boredom that surround a teen.

I recommend the Haunted Segway Tour or the Fireworks Tour.  Both are at night, a challenging time to schedule safe activities for kids, and both are a blast.

The Haunted tour glides through the well-lit Grant Park area where you can see the city’s Noir mystique. The architecture warps into a more adventurous glow as we roll into the city. The haunted stories are fun and never overly informational.

The Fireworks tour is lovely for all the same reasons, but there are fireworks! The city lights glow bright on the left. The Fireworks blast off ahead, and below, the water sparkles reflections of the colorful cinders. Romantic explosions with smooth Segway gliding are two opposing kings who compliment each other putting everyone just out of their comfort zone and open for fun!

No matter which tour you choose to take with Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours, you’re going to have a good time. It’s going to be an adventure with memories that  will last for years to come and become a highlight of your vacation.

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